I blog about technology, education, participation and so on, but I also have a deep love of creative writing. This category includes posts on my extracurricular writing endeavors and articles I’ve written that are more unrelated than related to education, technology or the rest of the themes here on Zythepsary.

Travel rants are boring.

This one is about sexism, plastic bags and regular good old fashioned sadness at the state of the world. I got like 2 hours of sleep so I’ll admit that my general (though learned) airport zen was teetering bit, but the fact remains I was traveling through my second favorite airport, London City. As someone who travels quite a bit… Read more →


OHM2013 Part 2 – Observing Segmentation, Pedagogy of Discomfort and impromptu Singing

Have you read Part 1? Part 2 will go from exploring hacker mentalities to heckling Pacman players. Bilal Ghalib introduced me to a Hackerspace founder from Beirut, Raja Oueis, just before they were scheduled to talk about Hackerspaces and creativity in conflict zones. As they fiddled around with Bilal’s slides, I talked to Sara, a poet, also from Beirut, who… Read more →

What I write

If you follow this blog, you probably know that I like to wax poetic. I get long winded. I say too much. My blog posts are usually TLDR. You might have thought that I have issues cutting sentences and paragraphs, but actually I just don’t have time to make my posts short and to the point. It takes me much… Read more →