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Storytellers Statue

photo from lorenjavier

I switched the technology for the February 2nd Story Community call and that was kind of a fail. We’ll be switching back to the IT Support-sanctioned Life-size Cloud. This time we tried Zoom, which is cool, but turns proprietary after 30 minutes. Our lively group got kicked out of the room mid-call, which was annoying. Also I forgot to hit the record button, which was the reason for switching to Zoom in the first place. #Fail

This week Jude from the Engagement Support team shared some slides and talked about the purpose of their new team. We learned that their role is to support and animating existing communities of engagement, mobilisation, fundraising and communications within Greenpeace globally. Obviously, as community builders, the Engagement Support Team and the participants in this community call will need to work together to break down silos. I’m happy to report that the Engagement Support team fits right in – in a future call they will talk about the 6 stages of engagement and share resources. They’ll also help the Story Community build and deliver practical resources for spreading the open ethos, the new Greenpeace story and the 7 Shifts. #Win

We also spoke with Grazi from the Forest team. She’s been wanting to develop the forest work more holistically, so that the team could work on a series of campaigns and have alignment. The Forest Team (and others) created a one page story, focusing on Greenpeace as the audience so there’s no distinction between the humans here, and the humans out their in the world. Grazi also shared some slides built with the new visual identity (which is beyond beautiful) and shared here experience running the story driven workshops she held at the annual Forest Meeting. She described how excited people where to be in a participatory workshop. She said that the interactivity was the most fun and important part of their meeting. #Win

Finally, we talked about the internal culture of Greenpeace and future agenda items. Tracy from the MobLab suggested that we bring the Outdoor Team to the call, as they’ve been living the story out loud. We want to think about how to other organizations are using storytelling and talk about the 7 shifts one at a time and more in depth. These are just some of the things that will be coming to the Story Community Call in the next weeks. #Win

This call is biweekly, all are welcome, and we hope to see you soon!

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