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The #EdTech “Hysteria”

I read this article “Let’s get to the Bottom of the #Edtech Hysteria” and my thought pattern got all jangle jumbled up. Then I read some of the comments, including the exchange between “foresure” and Shaun Johnson and the one from “tultican” that uses the phrase “ridiculous scheme” to describe flipped classrooms. I had to stop doing what I was… Read more →

And we have #StoryCamp liftoff!

On Thursday, StoryCamp will hold it’s first livecast with Damian Kulash from OK Go. Yesterday we introduced the first new Popcorn template to the facilitators of the 27 youth centers participating in StoryCamp and fielded questions on the teacher’s guide. The guide includes tons of resources for educators and learners alike. We’ve got six weeks of curriculum: Week One: An… Read more →

It’s not *just* Popcorn

I’m really excited about the Popcorn Story Camp coming up this summer. The program planning is coming along nicely, and we’re beginning to make assets (which is always fun). Just check out Kate Hudson’s awesome branding sketches. We’ve even already written the first draft of a sample curriculum to help webmakers and educators spread the joy of Popcorning. It’s called… Read more →

the Webmaker and the Meat of my Job Description

At Mozilla we’re working on something we’re calling the Webmaker. It’s a couple of things, but at the base level it’s an underlying, consistent toolset that can be used to create or participate in learning experiences. I’ve been thinking on this thing for a while (since draft one), and I haven’t said anything much about it yet. I will now… Read more →

Embrace the BORING then get CREATIVE

You know what? Writing curriculum is freaking BORING. You know why? Because educators are taught that learning requires specific activations in the brain. Long-term memory encoding happens through meta-cognitve processes. For information to be truly learned, various centers in the brain need to be activated. Educators are aware of the psychological strides needed for a learner to really learn something… Read more →

Web Literacy Micro-Models

On Friday I posted the macro-model here, the thing that encases all the Webmaker Skills. This will give you a general overview of how Mozilla should likely organize it’s learning content (from a pedagogic point of view, which may or may not interest anyone). This post goes one step further and begins defining micro-models. A micro-model, as I said in… Read more →

In Person Jamming

Yesterday I headed to Berlin to hang out with Michelle Thorne, Mozilla Event Coordinator Extraordinaire, and meet with Erin Knight and Jess Klein via Skype. We could have done the meeting from our four separate locations, but I thought it would be a good idea to be in a room with Michelle when we started talking about how to generalize… Read more →