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And we have #StoryCamp liftoff!

On Thursday, StoryCamp will hold it’s first livecast with Damian Kulash from OK Go. Yesterday we introduced the first new Popcorn template to the facilitators of the 27 youth centers participating in StoryCamp and fielded questions on the teacher’s guide. The guide includes tons of resources for educators and learners alike. We’ve got six weeks of curriculum: Week One: An… Read more →

Offline, Offroad, Off my Rocker

Missed me, didn’t you? Two full weeks of me not writing you and telling you the things floating around in my brain must have been excruciating. I mean, really, it’s not just self importance, now is it? I’ve got a couple of things to tell you, but I promised Mark Boas and Laurian Gridinoc that I would write about my… Read more →

My Year in Review

Seems like I should follow suit and do a “Year in Review” post. I do so like to comply. I was moving around quite a bit this year. This post took me forever to put together. January: Ran the first New York City version of the Producer’s Institute for New Media Technologies, started working with the Open Attribute Team, submitted… Read more →

Hackjam Parking Lot

This past week, we ran a Hackasaurus/P2PU hackjam to implement functional changes to the P2PU platform and create challenges curriculum for Hackasaurus. It was a whirlwind three days. While we had specific goals, we also had a lot of ideas that aren’t in scope for this phase of the Challenges Project. Those ideas deserve some attention, so we put them… Read more →

Failure = Lesson Learned

Today I was finishing up a one page summary called “10 Things that Make a Good Challenge”, a distilled version of Chloe Varelidi’s excellent post, and I read and reread these lines “By tinkering learners feel safe. They’ll try new things and fail multiple times before mastering a skill,” several times. I’m thinking about failure and how freaking wonderful it… Read more →

Give us the Easy Ask!

Today I want to focus on the easy ask. What can you ask your users to contribute that is easy? It seems obvious, doesn’t it? It seems obvious to me, but I find myself searching for the easy ask a lot of times, so I thought I would write a short post reminding everyone to put some easy asks on… Read more →