Feedback Session

Last night I had a Feedback session with my fellow MozNewsLabbers. It was fantastic. They pointed out both the problems that I was already aware of (too much functionality, need for focus) and added some new ones (“Yeah, that won’t work on a mobile device.” Thanks Ted!) I maintain that these ideas are in flux and allow myself the space and time to think the idea out of the problems and into maturity. But not this week! Friday, our pitches are due. Here’s my practice presentation, which will become irrelevant in a few hours when I get finished fixing it.

Nicola Hughes gave me really well rounded advice, and I am going to take it. Her project pitch “The Big Picture” has been posted on her site, and I am simply blown away.

I’m suffering from separation anxiety at this point because the last few weeks have been full on brain stimulation. Not that I don’t actively find things to stimulate my brain, it’s just the openness and collaborative attitude in this lab has been a refreshment from my typical “I’m here in the world working, but actually I didn’t put pants on today” normal work routine. Ok, so I didn’t put on pants for all the Learning Lab Lectures either, but no one knew (until now).

I’d like to thank Mozilla and the Knight Foundation, Phillip Smith, Alex Samur, Pippin Lee, Kate Hudson, Lingsha Hu, Jacob Caggiano, Ted Han and all of my fellow Labbers. Everyone has been open, generous, supportive and intoxicating. It’s been an awesome and humbling experience and I can’t wait to meet all of you face to face at the Mozilla Festival or elsewhere. THANK YOU!

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