Evolution of Cinema

Is anyone else thinking about the evolution of Cinema? I was just a mentor at the Hive Lab, a fantastic experience that put filmmakers, technologists, choreographers and visual artists together for a week of free-formed creation, at the Adelaide Film Festival in South Australia, and as I was speaking about the web to filmmakers and storytellers, I felt a little misunderstood. Here I am, an open web hacktivist and general lover of the digital world, and I was trying to explain why I feel cinema needs to change. I was met with blank stares and defensive arguments to why traditional filmmaking is the best way and the Internet isn’t necessary in the field.

Wait a second – I’m not proposing we get rid of filmmaking or replace story with snazzy bells and widgets built out of programming language, I’m proposing that storytelling evolve past the view of having a passive receptor and move into a space where the filmmaker lends his or her seasoned hand to the instigation of story while inspiring the viewer to go deeper into the story. I guess to a degree I’m talking about creating an immersive experience, but moreover I’m talking about finding a new way to tell a story.

I think there have been a few projects that have done this – a few people who are exploring a story outside of a traditional film process. More than anyone, I think that Web Made Movies is breaking down the boundaries between filmmakers and web technologies, but it seems like they need help.

At the moment, Web Made Movies is rocking the house on the technology side, creating fantastic libraries of code and WYSIWYG online tools to attach multitudes of content to a film, but what seems to be missing, from my point of view, is the evolution of the filmmaking itself.

Am I thinking too avant garde? Am I trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist? I feel like cinema + Internet could have the ability to change the way we tell stories. I guess it’s time for storytellers to tell technologists what they want in terms of tools, and I think Web Made Movies is a crew of people who are listening. I’m looking forward to seeing the newest storytelling experience that can be produced with the popcorn.js library and the Butter App.

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  1. Abigail
    March 27, 2011 at 3:31 am

    I really enjoyed this post, thanks for teaching me about Web Made Movies!

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