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I blog about technology, education, participation and so on, but I also have a deep love of creative writing. This category includes posts on my extracurricular writing endeavors and articles I’ve written that are more unrelated than related to education, technology or the rest of the themes here on Zythepsary.

On the #Brexit

I was standing in my kitchen when I read the news. I had to sit down. Like I was in a movie. I couldn’t stand anymore. I hadnt taken it seriously you know? Over the past couple of weeks i had just thought “heh, no one can believe that shite, it’s so obviously a bananas, right wing crazy campaign. There’s… Read more →

2015 and done.

Here’s my reflective post for 2015: 2015 was crap. On to the resolutions: I didn’t make any except to clean up the kitchen, and I accomplished that task on January 1st. I am not resolving to do or be or learn anything. I’m not writing a checklist of books to read or habits to start. I’m not optimizing my morning,… Read more →

Disconnecting to Reconnect

You might have noticed my Internet avoidance lately? I’ve been taking some time. I’ve been trying to figure out who I am now versus who I was last year or five years ago. I’ve been doing that “what does it all mean?” thing. That “What’s really important to me?” thing. I’ve been avoiding you folks like the plague. Oh, and… Read more →

What’s next for Laura?

TL;DR My last day at Mozilla already happened, but I’m still me. I bring together disparate things to foster learning, spread openness and design for participation. I’m a creative generalist who likes to make stuff, and I’m open to exploring opportunities. About 5.5 years ago I took a broken dream to the first Mozilla Festival (at the time it was… Read more →

Travel rants are boring.

This one is about sexism, plastic bags and regular good old fashioned sadness at the state of the world. I got like 2 hours of sleep so I’ll admit that my general (though learned) airport zen was teetering bit, but the fact remains I was traveling through my second favorite airport, London City. As someone who travels quite a bit… Read more →