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It’s not just a job it’s a career. That’s what the grocery stores are telling one of my best friends, a DOCTOR, as she applies for any-goddamn-thing in California. She and her husband moved to the States less than a year ago, after living in Hungary for five years. She’s an American, he’s Hungarian. Less than a year ago, they both started looking for jobs in the US of A. As of yet, they have found nothing, and it’s not like they’ve been over shooting.

Whole Foods would like:

  • 1 to 2 years department experience
  • a passion and appreciation for your department
  • knowledge of all relevant whole foods market, policies and standards.

So what? A person has to research a companies policies and standards, even for a teenager’s job? She’s not sour about not being able to be a cashier though. She went to Whole Foods to buy Grandpas weirdo tar rub or whatever and thought, “Hey, the fresh foods section is really good, they’re providers of a sort, I can’t hate them so much, despite the fact I can’t get a fucking job ringing up groceries.”

I see a connection between the unemployment rate and my friend’s inability to get an idiot proof job. Wouldn’t the unemployment rate be lower if people who are looking for jobs outside their fields were given the opportunity to acquire said job? Sure, it’s a drastic example – a doctor and a grocery store – but what possible reasoning can a company give for turning away an educated person from such a low level job? She was rejected from a data entry position at the American Cancer Society too. I’m pretty sure she can do a highly repetitive task like data entry. She’s a fucking doctor!

What’s to be said, there’s a recession going on and even places that are hiring, like grocery stores are…well, not hiring.

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