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I know it’s wrong to profile, but I do it all the time, and so do you. Everyone profiles other people to some extent, but most of us just inner smile and realize we don’t know shit. No wait, that’s what I do, I profile, inner smile and realize I don’t know shit. Other people actually act! For example, I’m in Kuala Lumpur right now, staying at a swanky swank hotel that has a Leadership Forum (powered by you) going on right now. I went downstairs for lunch and instantly realized that I do not fit in. No, business attire on me, no poised and precise movements through the social space. I am a punk. I’m not even dressed down, just not dressed up. Not faking it just so I can go have lunch. Besides, I’m on this whole “I’m free” kick, so why would I fake it?

But I didn’t fit in, so the maitre dick stuck me in a corner and was super rude, he even tried to tell me what I was ordering:

“Everyone is having the buffet, what do you want to drink.”

“I don’t care what everyone is doing, I want a menu.”

“Oh, but…”

“But nothing, I don’t want to pay 87++ rm for a half a plate of food, I’m not that hungry and I want to see what salads you have, jesus!”

“I’ll have to go find one.”

“Yeah, do that.”

Seriously, “go find” a menu. Pff! My observations of this man’s interactions with the business clad masses also dining in said restaurant indicate extreme profiling. Or was it because I’m a female, and therefore lesser?

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