Travel rants are boring.

This one is about sexism, plastic bags and regular good old fashioned sadness at the state of the world. I got like 2 hours of sleep so I’ll admit that my general (though learned) airport zen was teetering bit, but the fact remains I was traveling through my second favorite airport, London City. As someone who travels quite a bit… Read more →

Love the Lurkers

A couple days ago I had a BIG conversation with Bill Mills, the Community Manager for Mozilla Science Lab, about open learning, designing for participation, online engagement, collaboration, inspiration and a bunch of other metaphysical ideas that I often create practical implementations for. During our conversation, Bill asked if I had any advice for designing learning experiences that can engage… Read more →

Connected Courses

I’m quite pleased to point you to a new online learning experience being put together by a group of amazing educators from the Connected Learning community. Starting September 15th we’re going to be talking about openness and blended learning in a 12 week course that aims to help people run their own connected courses. It’s meta! I love meta. The… Read more →

Join Mozilla for global teach-ins on Net Neutrality

reposted from the Webmaker blog At Mozilla, we exist to protect the free and open web. Today, that openness and freedom is under threat. The open Internet’s founding principle is under attack. Policymakers in the U.S. are considering rules that would erase “Net Neutrality,” the principle that all data on the Internet should be treated equally. If these rule changes… Read more →

:For Librarians

The four modules of Webmaker Training are somewhat non-specific. They are mainly designed to be an on-ramp for people who don’t have much experience with trying to #TeachTheWeb or people who are new to our community and the idea of Connected Learning. The four modules are the basics of what we as a community care about and why. We’ve tried… Read more →