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Reflecting on #teachtheweb Week 1: Making as Learning

Last week we launched #teachtheweb, a Mozilla Open Online Collaboration (MOOC – more commonly “Massive Open Online Course”). The first week was all about Making as Learning, and today, I’m going to write a reflection. Not an update about Webmaker stuff, not a plug for the MOOC (which is awesome, and you should totally join it), but a reflection on… Read more →

This just in: MOOCs are all the rage right now

As if you hadn’t seen the influx of moocyness over the last year. We’re now about halfway through the #ETMOOC experience, having launched Topic 3: Digital Literacy just yesterday. In the planning for this and the Digital Storytelling topic, I’ve been trying to get the “M” in MOOC to mean more than “Massive”. I want it to mean MAKE because,… Read more →

My Intro for #ETMOOC

[iframe src=”http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/g0t_” width=”640″ height=”403″ frameborder=”0″ mozallowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen allowfullscreen][/iframe] I’m using the #ETMOOC experience as an excuse to push the boundaries of my thoughts surrounding online, participatory learning, technology, identity, community and a lot of psychological assumptions that may very well be culturally conditioned and perhaps without warrant. I want to explore the current conceptions (and misconceptions) of technology in education,… Read more →