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Cyberspace and the “Virtualitätslagerung”

In continuation of my attempt to commit to memory long, complicated phrases and words in German by understanding shorter words in English, here is Round 2. So now if I could just find a suitable translation for “Virtualitätslagerung” (literally “Virtuality Storage Facility) and “Durchdringungsverhältnis” (literally “Penetration Relationship”… Cyberspace is a (trans) cultural space. With the [&hellip

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Using the Web to Fix the World: Waldpark Trachau

So here’s the skinny: Part of the reason we bought the house we bought was because it’s right in the middle of the city of Dresden, but surrounded by green. Our next door neighbors have a 6000 m2 garden and across the street is a huge piece of land with 17 horses and a bunch [&hellip

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If you own a radio, tv or computer (in Germany) the GEZ fuckers come every year to collect a fee for the public radio and television people. I don’t have a problem with paying for public radio and television, despite the fact that I don’t really listen to either (they don’t measure up to NPR [&hellip

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