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Open Web and Why YOU Should be Paying Attention

Facebook opts you automatically in with their new facial recognition software, Apple is going to start taking 30% of revenues from developers, the US Border Patrol is searching and seizing laptops without a warrant, the government is entering people’s social network accounts. Not to mention the ridiculous media coverage of stuff none of us care about, like Anthony Weiner’s wiener.… Read more →

Dear Tech News Orgs,

Did you know that you could actually have a heavy hand in helping us win the fight to keep the web open? Do you have any idea how many people wake up every morning with their Androids and IPhones, get a cup of coffee, lay in bed and peruse a RSS aggregator with all of you together? And every morning… Read more →

Evolution of Cinema

Is anyone else thinking about the evolution of Cinema? I was just a mentor at the Hive Lab, a fantastic experience that put filmmakers, technologists, choreographers and visual artists together for a week of free-formed creation, at the Adelaide Film Festival in South Australia, and as I was speaking about the web to filmmakers and storytellers, I felt a little… Read more →

Designing in Code

I went to art school. I was trained as a designer, an animator, an illustrator. The last thing in the world that I ever thought was that I would fall in love with code. No, code is a bunch of numbers and letters and symbols and it doesn’t look pretty and it doesn’t make any sense and it’s complicated. Code… Read more →