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3.2 Appendix

3.2.1 Granularized Learning Objectives for Introduction to Web Native Filmmaking These learning objectives were created in collaboration with Michelle Levesque and other Mozilla Foundation staff. They begin to define specific learning objectives needed to reach the meta-definitions of the first three Web Literacy categories as defined in Chapter 1.6.1. This list is currently under review. Exploring: Browser Basics is about… Read more →

1.6 Definitions

1.6.1 Defining Web Literacies: The Semantic Argument There have been numerous studies which examine the nuances between differing definitions of so-called new literacies (Pinto, Cordon, & Gomez Diaz, 2010). Since the first use of the term “information literacy” in 19741 (Pinto et al., 2010), varying terminology has been used to define the ability to find, analyze and use information in… Read more →

Dedication & Acknowledgements

In Dedication To: My mom who helped me review my thesis and challenged me on ideas. She taught me that I can be anything I want and do anything I set my mind to, I just have to love to learn. Thank you. My sincere thanks to: My husband for listening to me babble on endlessly about web literacies and… Read more →

Rockin out at DML

This week has been a whirlwind of activity. Monday we launched the P2PU and Youpd.org challenges, which you should check out. Then it was a jump into DML. The Digital Media and Learning conference was an opportunity for a large segment of the Mozilla Foundation staff to come together. We started the week doing a sprint for the Event Kit… Read more →

System Thinking

We have a rather large task in front of us. We want to create a generation of webmakers. An entire generation. To do so, we have to teach them a mess of webmaker skills that have never been collectively defined. We have to create learning materials for those skills. We have to target specific groups and solve specific problems in… Read more →