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Cyberspace is a transcultural space. With the plethora of subcultures, our society is transforming from “culture for everyone” to “culture through everyone” (Marotzki & Jörissen, 2005). The technical structure of cyberspace is open and decentralized. Therefore, multiple perspectives can interact with each other, making the Web a multicultural transformation space. Through this external networking of cultures, we can work on… Read more →

The #EdTech “Hysteria”

I read this article “Let’s get to the Bottom of the #Edtech Hysteria” and my thought pattern got all jangle jumbled up. Then I read some of the comments, including the exchange between “foresure” and Shaun Johnson and the one from “tultican” that uses the phrase “ridiculous scheme” to describe flipped classrooms. I had to stop doing what I was… Read more →

The Ins and Outs of an Interactive Project

An interactive project has a lot of ins and outs. There are multiple phases and lots of people involved. If it’s the first time you’re involved, it can be frustrating trying to remember everything and understanding who the go-to people are. If you have had lots of involvement in interactive projects, the following road map might still be helpful to… Read more →