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Death of “Death to America”?

Ok, so Osama Bin Laden is “dead”, so they say. He probably is, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy and that he didn’t get killed. He’s dead. Whatever. But Americans are having a huge visceral, cathartic experience from this, and I don’t really get it. Wouldn’t it have been more useful for the American people if… Read more →

Sorry, you don’t have any experience

It’s not just a job it’s a career. That’s what the grocery stores are telling one of my best friends, a DOCTOR, as she applies for any-goddamn-thing in California. She and her husband moved to the States less than a year ago, after living in Hungary for five years. She’s an American, he’s Hungarian. Less than a year ago, they… Read more →

Big Pharma and Radiation Scares

I just read the book World War Z. It’s an apocalyptic “best seller” about the futuristic war between humans and zombies by Max Brooks. I picked it up on my way back from Australia, read half of it on the plane, and then took another week to read the rest of it because like most “best sellers”, it was just… Read more →