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Conference Room

“I don’t fucking care if Scott Spencer is begging for an audience to show off his fucking contact lenses. We’re not getting involved with those douchebags, even on a superficial level.” Jacob isn’t exactly yelling at June, but she looks distraught. She’s obviously been pushing the meeting for the last few minutes. Eric and I have just entered the conference… Read more →


The next morning, as I get dressed, I turn on the news. Harron Medical Center is back in the headlines. Another death at Harron Medical Center early this morning, when a mortician was brutally murdered by an unidentified assailant. The assailant attacked Doctor Rodney Paul around three in the morning. Upon hearing screams, two orderlies ran to the scene. The… Read more →


The dental hygienist knocks over the instrument tray while mounting a patient. The patient is happy to be mounted, and I am the hygienist. As the dentist’s tools clatter to the floor, I see nurses opening the door. Suddenly I’m awake, startled out of sleep by the nurses’ one thirty in the morning checkup. I quickly close my eyes again.… Read more →

Planning Escape

My roommate won’t stop talking to me. It’s just after noon, and I am plotting my escape. I’m still swallowing thick, gooey scabs, but I feel much better. My roommate is blathering on and on about how she met her husband, where they’ve been on vacation, and other various tidbits of her boring life. I lay back in my bed… Read more →


I woke up at ten-thirty. “Goddamnit!” I said out loud. My doctor’s office wasn’t far away, but I’d just slept another nineteen hours. The thing on my neck was now the size of a baseball, regulation size. I skipped the shower after seeing the abscess. I just threw on some clothes and headed towards the doctor. When I arrived, the… Read more →


I don’t really have any family, but I have friends. I have a home and pets and a job. I have a pretty typical, every day kind of life. But lately, I've been thinking about escaping. As if I am trapped. There’s just something about the work-a-day world that has been getting to me lately. Everyone has been walking around… Read more →


I'm laying in a hospital bed after an emergency tonsillectomy. As a child, having your tonsils removed is no big deal, but as an adult it's a bit of a shit storm. When I came in, it was almost too late, an abscess on my right tonsil was infected with some sort of plague. It was eating quickly into my… Read more →