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Last week I was off work at a family event, and I was disappointed because I thought that maybe I wasn’t getting the rest I needed from a week off of work. Apparently, social stress and work stress are different. This week when I feel like I’ve been extremely productive and managed to make a bunch of things.

First off, I was pleased to see that while I was away the work on the DRM and Net Neutrality Trainings launching July 28th had started, and that the team creating that content is excited about the possibilities. There’s still loads to be done, so if those topics interest you and you want to help out, there are plenty of opportunities.

My brain was doing this all week. via Giphy

I collaborated with Doug to figure out the nuances of Webmaker Training and what it means for counting contribution towards the Mozilla project. I collected loads of data and wrote a couple of wiki pages that fully unpack the training that took place from May 12th June 8th. This debrief page talks about things went right, things went wrong and some ideas for improvement. This page explores how training is different from other types of programs in terms of how it relates to a contribution to the Mozilla project.

Another thing that I accomplish this week was taking a good deep dive into MDN’s new Learning Zone that they’re putting together. I’m excited about this work because I think that the MDN community and Webmaker community have a lot of overlap. We can help each other in learning social and technical skills around the web, and we can help each other #TeachTheWeb too. I’d like to create more bridges, and the Learning Zone work is a step in that direction. The MDN is beginning to create articles and Makes that relate to the Web Literacy Map. They’re also starting to think about Thimble, Popcorn and X-ray goggles Makes that support active learning. They’re planning on making tutorials and other fun things for our community to remix or use to #TeachTheWeb.

I’ve also just been added to an email chain about the new Connected Learning Course that is going to be coming out in September. I’m looking forward to exploring cMOOC challenges and spinning ideas about blended learning along with the team putting together this new experience designed to create better ties between academic classrooms and online learning initiatives.

For more info on what I do every week, you can always check out my Weeknotes, and I’m all over the web, so get in touch!

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