Dear Tech News Orgs,

I'll Give You All I Can...

Did you know that you could actually have a heavy hand in helping us win the fight to keep the web open? Do you have any idea how many people wake up every morning with their Androids and IPhones, get a cup of coffee, lay in bed and peruse a RSS aggregator with all of you together? And every morning we wake up and we see all these stories about what’s going on in tech, and every morning some of us are like – “Where’s the publicity for the Open Web Movement?”

I know a lot of people out there who are competent in web perusal but don’t know diddly about the Open Web Movement. The big three (Mozilla, Wikipedia and Creative Commons) are full of smart people busting their asses for the cause, but converting entire populations is a big, big job.

I’m not saying we don’t see anything, we’ll get to read a story about one of the hundreds of Mozilla projects that hits your radar, like those times P2PU or OpenAttribute got mentions. Or we’ll see that Wikipedia’s founder has a message for us. And Creative Commons gets a little airtime. Any mention of the hundreds of thousands of the smaller organizations fighting to keep the web open…that’s a different story. And your mentions are few and far between (I’m just sayin’).

It’s not a theme that shows up on the hot list, and it can’t possibly be because people aren’t interested. How can people not be interested in the FREEDOM inherently built into the internet that is at risk? It just kind of seems like you’re more interested in bitching about Facebook than using your powers to promote those of us fighting against closing off the web.

So I was just wondering if you could discuss amongst yourselves and, I don’t know, say something nice about the freedom we enjoy and how we should keep the web open. Maybe you say something about the movement every day/every week? It’s in your interest too, you know.

To get you started, report on Mitchell Baker’s All Hands speech, it’s pretty inspiring.


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  1. April 9, 2011 at 5:21 am

    Well said. With vehemence and style you state your case with a passionate plea. Sadly, and frighteningly so are the ways of the big evil.

    In solidarity.

    Abigail (Zilly) Rudner :-)

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