Rockin out at DML

This week has been a whirlwind of activity. Monday we launched the P2PU and challenges, which you should check out. Then it was a jump into DML.

The Digital Media and Learning conference was an opportunity for a large segment of the Mozilla Foundation staff to come together. We started the week doing a sprint for the Event Kit and Event site Mozilla is working on. The Kit is a series of how-tos, curriculum and resources that will help you organize and run an event. We’re creating multiple pathways for a person to jump into making and learning in collaboration with each other. We were highly productive and have created a model that will scale, which (judging by the conversations I had with people at DML) is going to be hugely important.

Michelle Thorne and I will be mini-sprinting next week in Berlin to finish creating v.01 of a bunch of how-tos helping people get started organizing their own events. We’ll also be preparing Mozilla content to make it easy for people to grab an event agenda and start making.

This morning we had an impromptu Mozilla Learning Group gathering in which we discussed our path forward. We are diving into the Web Literacy curriculum and talking to a bunch of different organizations and go-getters about ways we can support the innovative making and learning they’re doing. We talked about how much we have to do, and we spent time hashing out the logistics of how to do it all.

Last night at the Mozilla Science Fair, I talked a lot about our goals. I talked generally, I talked specifically, I talked about web literacy, community, collaboration. I think that the attendees were able to glean the roots of the Mozilla ethos and will begin to help spread that ethos in their own worlds.

In short, it was a crazy week. A crazy, productive, awesome week.

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