Creative Lull

It’s so strange, actually, that a creative person can be creative in one moment and not in the next. Yesterday I had an extremely productive day working on How to Wake Up. Today, I could barely read the section I’m working on. Should I just chalk it up to a creative lull and hope that tomorrow it’s better? Should I call it writer’s block (which I have been experiencing sporadically for a while now)? Should I force myself to write? That’s hat I’m doing right now, in case you didn’t realize it. I’m literally forcing myself to write a short blog post about my process.

I’m still under the impression that finishing my book is going to require a sabbatical from my normal life. There’s entirely too much distraction here. If I could just hole myself up in a dingy cottage somewhere where it rains constantly, somewhere grey and dank and devoid of society, I’d surely finish the novel. Right?

Why hasn’t someone developed “Creativity in a Can”?

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