Evolution of the Homosapienīnfōrmāre

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve felt different. I’m a weirdo and I think too much and the fact is, I never really fit in. And then I studied art and started working in the digital space. I started getting into the tech world, and I started to fit in. All the hackers and nerds and geeks and digital revolutionaries, all the basement dwellers and computer addicts and torrid typists, all the destructive thinkers and punks who don’t wear leather, these are my friends. We are digital activists participating in a digital revolution, participating in the destruction and restructuring of every aspect of society, economy and culture and using digital media to accomplish our goals. We’re changing the world and writing manifestos to provide ourselves extra outlets because changing the world and talking about it all the time just isn’t enough.

Because of this outsidership and because of the people I’ve meet in my work, I’m theorizing that there are now two species of humans on the planet. There are the Homosapiens, possessing a progression of tools cited through the evolutionary process. Homosapiens use fire, they use tools, they follow the rules society has determined are relevant for an operational society. They do their jobs, but there is a clear prevalence of bystander behavior. Homosapiens have a large brain capable of many things, and their extinction is not imminent by any means, however their description “Homosapien” which literally means “wise man” or “knowing man” has been triumphed by the new species “Homosapienīnfōrmāre”.

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This new species, the Homosapienīnfōrmāre, has new brain structures leading to the rejection of bystanderism and the encouragement and acceptance of collaboration in all aspects of life. To this end, the species is also extremely engaged and informed, eager to educate, eager to learn, form, fashion and construct, hence the name “Homosapienīnfōrmāre”. I propose that the original mutation leading to this assimilation of Homosapienīnfōrmāre with Homosapiens occurred sometime during between 2000 BC to 500 AD, likely within the Mayan or Roman communities. (Empirical evidence of massive geological stirrings in the Mayan community, and the prevalence of alien life form theories surrounding the Mayan community, a potential source of mutation may be alien in nature. The archaeological evidence for this theory is, however, inconclusive.)

Initial assimilation was unsuccessful due to the massive killings of the mutated species in homosapien instigated warfare. Homosapiens were not aware of the mutation, but their fear of the advanced communities of Maya and Rome and the Homosapiens and Homosapienīnfōrmāre comingling within those communities, led to the unknowing eradication of the mutated species.

The species did not gain a footing until the Age of Enlightenment in the 16th century, and their aggregated absence helped the lasting inhumanities of the Dark Ages. During the Enlightenment, the new species experienced an influx of birthings and the beginning of their assimilation with the Homosapien community was established. This structure has been rapidly changing since the introduction of digital media in the late 60’s, and the Homosapienīnfōrmāre is quickly procreating within it’s own species.

Not only is the Homosapienīnfōrmāre living and working in much more fluid and unrooted patterns, the species is engaging with each other and creating new methods of social revolution that is also affecting the Homosapiens. What remains to be seen is whether or not the Homosapiens realize the presence of the new species and if that realization culminates in the human atrocity known as war. Theoretically, that war could only be won by the Homosapienīnfōrmāre, as the new species is quicker, more active, more engaged and more intelligent than it’s ancestry.


I wrote this back in February, without any sort of scientific evidence, purely observation based theorizing. I hacked science. Now, some scientists are theorizing the same thing with, like, proof: The first sign that humans are on the verge of evolving into another species

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  1. November 26, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Fantastic post Laura, totally up my alley. It explains so much of the kindred experience between those of our ilk.

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