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If you own a radio, tv or computer (in Germany) the GEZ fuckers come every year to collect a fee for the public radio and television people. I don’t have a problem with paying for public radio and television, despite the fact that I don’t really listen to either (they don’t measure up to NPR or PBS, and I’ve been spoiled), only have the radio because it came with the stereo system and ripping it out would break the rest of the shit built in, and don’t own a TV. I do have a problem with the inefficiency and waste of the GEZ though. It doesn’t matter that literally every single person in Germany has to pay the fucking GEZ fee because there is NO ONE who doesn’t at least have a radio, the GEZ still feels the need to waste money and time sending people, real life people, around to “check” if you have a radio or TV.

This is completely retarded. We all have to pay the fee, so why isn’t it just added into our taxes? We all get paper invoices every two months to pay the fee, and 80% of us forget and end up paying a late fee. What the FUCK!? The GEZ is paying hundreds or thousands of people a salary to wander around annoying the shit out of people, they’re killing tons of trees to print invoices for the 88 million Germans, or however many there are, every two months and WHY!? For what fucking reason is this fee not included in a culture tax!?

Fuck the GEZ and the German government for not being more efficient and considerate. FUCK THEM!

It really irritates me that money and resources all over the world are just thrown away like this when they just don’t need to be.

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