the BOOK

I am writing a book. The working title is:

How to Wake Up

Why am I writing this book? Because I have to. I have no choice. The words want out and before I cut off my ear to display my imbalances, I thought I should just write it all down, give it to the world and see what the world has to say about it. Maybe you, ie the world, hate it. Maybe you think it’s ridiculous to write a book like the book I’m writing, and that’s just fine, you are entitled to your opinion. I’m not writing it FOR you, I’m writing it because I have to. I’m just letting you read it in case it turns out that the book is actually inspiring, helpful, disruptive or just plain good. Maybe I get rich, maybe I become a bestselling author, maybe exactly one half a person reads the whole thing and then plasters comments like “You SUCK!” on my site. I don’t care what the end result is, I just have to get it out!

What kind of book is it? It’s a novel.

What is it about? Well, that’s a big question. How should I boil down an intricate portrayal of a human life into a couple of sentences that answer this question? What should I edit out of the answer? It’s a story about a girl who wakes up every morning wanting to shoot herself in the head.

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  2 comments for “the BOOK

  1. March 24, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    Are you going to post some excepts?

    • laura
      March 24, 2011 at 9:32 pm

      Yes, yes I will post excerpts. In fact, I was thinking about waiting another month or so until Google indexes this site and then some people actually start showing up. Also, I don’t want to post until I know a chapter is done. That said, I will be starting with chapter 1. Stay tuned!

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