A Sneak Peak at the Planet 4 Content Strategy

Image from opensource.com

Image from opensource.com

For the Planet 4 project, we’ve committed to working openly. There are plenty of opportunities to contribute to the content, design and development of the new Greenpeace.org. Our vision is to co-create this new online presence with you – the hundreds of thousands of supporters, volunteers and staff members that make up the global Greenpeace Community. Starting on July 19th and repeating biweekly, we’ll give updates in the Engagement community call.

This is a big vision! How exactly does a small team of people coordinate with a global community? How can we make sure people can understand what we’re building? How do we gather feedback and build the best Greenpeace.org we can build?

The answer to these questions lies in the phrase “Designing for Participation”.

“Designing for Participation” is a way to provide people with insight into your project. Documenting how you intend to make decisions, which communication channels you’ll use and how people can get in touch with you are the first steps in designing for participation. Working openly, being transparent, and using technologies that support collaboration, and invite participation. In the end, it’s all about providing context so that interested people can get up to speed and start participating in your project.

For now, we’ve decided to use the  Engagement Community Call to provide  updates and ask the community what they think. This call is a perfect fit. The participants have been talking about storytelling, engagement, mobilization,  and all things Greenpeace. The new Greenpeace.org will be radically open about our intentions and hopes, even in the planning phase. The participants in the Engagement Community call are used to talking openly about our failures and lessons learned.

You are invited to take part (see this wiki page for dial in instructions). Our next call is July 19th at 5pm CET. We’ll be sharing a sneak peak at the Content Strategy, a perfect opportunity for YOU to share your thoughts. Add this biweekly call to your calendar.

We update our Call wiki page regularly, and it contains reflections from previous calls. If you can’t make this call, come to the next one! Also, follow us on Medium, get in touch via Twitter or use our project wiki page to find another way to help us make the new Greenpeace.org exactly what YOU want it to be.

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