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Melt My Brain

I’ve been called a “new media expert”, “technologist”, “programmer”, “web guru”, “creative software ninja”. I have a degree in design, but am a self taught webist. I love the Open Web, and I spend a lot of time staying up to speed on what’s new and exciting. I can make the code do what I need it to do (most… Read more →

The Ins and Outs of an Interactive Project

An interactive project has a lot of ins and outs. There are multiple phases and lots of people involved. If it’s the first time you’re involved, it can be frustrating trying to remember everything and understanding who the go-to people are. If you have had lots of involvement in interactive projects, the following road map might still be helpful to… Read more →

Designing in Code

I went to art school. I was trained as a designer, an animator, an illustrator. The last thing in the world that I ever thought was that I would fall in love with code. No, code is a bunch of numbers and letters and symbols and it doesn’t look pretty and it doesn’t make any sense and it’s complicated. Code… Read more →