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Blogging Study Group

I recently joined the Blogging and Writing for the Web Study Group after I had a twitter conversation with the organizer Pippa Buchanan, School of Webcraft extraordinaire and engaging educator, webist and all round interesting person. The Blogging and Writing for the Web course is being collaboratively created by peers at P2PU.org. Honestly, I’ve been following the P2PU revolution since… Read more →

Napkin Sketching

I spent a little bit of time on Friday hashing out an idea for the first MOJO challenge. You should do it too. The prize is awesome (a year paid fellowship in a newsroom somewhere in the world), but even if you aren’t interested in that, you can just practice having an idea. No, seriously, I’ve worked with journalists in… Read more →

Open Attribute Advances

Open Attribute is a browser plugin that makes the process of attributing content authors extremely easy. With a click of a button, the plugin shows you who deserves the attribution and gives you a handy, already formatted piece of text to copy and paste. Because the attribution is automatically formatted, the confusion surrounding attribution of open content is eliminated. The… Read more →

Dear Tech News Orgs,

Did you know that you could actually have a heavy hand in helping us win the fight to keep the web open? Do you have any idea how many people wake up every morning with their Androids and IPhones, get a cup of coffee, lay in bed and peruse a RSS aggregator with all of you together? And every morning… Read more →

Evolution of Cinema

Is anyone else thinking about the evolution of Cinema? I was just a mentor at the Hive Lab, a fantastic experience that put filmmakers, technologists, choreographers and visual artists together for a week of free-formed creation, at the Adelaide Film Festival in South Australia, and as I was speaking about the web to filmmakers and storytellers, I felt a little… Read more →

Designing in Code

I went to art school. I was trained as a designer, an animator, an illustrator. The last thing in the world that I ever thought was that I would fall in love with code. No, code is a bunch of numbers and letters and symbols and it doesn’t look pretty and it doesn’t make any sense and it’s complicated. Code… Read more →