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Leading Groups: Dealing with Too Cool for School & Other Personalities

As you probably know, I teach and facilitate groups of people in all sorts of learning experiences. Over the years I’ve noticed some repetition in my group dynamics. Here are some secrets about leading a group of people. It doesn’t matter whether you’re teaching a piece of software or a concept or facilitating a workshop to hack on project or… Read more →

Mentor Team Meeting Nov. 6th

Wednesday November 6th, the Mentor team gathered in a team call to debrief on Mozfest and talk about what’s coming up in 2014. Here’s the TL;DR Best Moments from the Last Week The New York crew is excited about their recent move to a bigger, better more integrated office, which is located at 45 Main Street in Brooklyn. They certainly… Read more →

My Thanks to Mozfesters

It was an incredible weekend of collaboration, peer to peer learning, and making at the Mozilla Festival. Thanks to all the Scrum and Session facilitators who showed up, engaged people and made things in collaboration with your peers. Thanks to ALL the people that participated in Build + Teach the Web. I didn’t go to any of your sessions, I… Read more →

Let’s Wing it!

One of the best things about being a lifelong learner is that you’re not afraid to try something new. Starting September 30th, the Mentor Community Team will be running a series of informal Geekouts through HOMAGO, a new initiative from our friends over at Connected Learning. HOMAGO is a new platform that aims to “build a friendly and supportive place… Read more →