Mozilla wants YOU at Learning at MozFest 12

Calling all teachers, educators, instructors, mentors, youth and anyone teaching digital skills: Mozilla wants YOU at Learning at MozFest 12

Photo Credit: Angela Jimenez

The Big Idea: Build a big tent for everyone teaching the web

We’re in the early stages of building a Mozilla Webmaker program for educators called Hacktivate Learning. In 2013, Mozilla will be engaging people who are dedicated to teaching and learning with the web. If you are motivated to teach something to others or help people learn, you are an educator.  We’re creating a big tent for parents, librarians, engineers, after-school coordinators, artists, young people and teachers of all stripes and disciplines, from all over the world. Our inaugural event for this is the 2012 Mozilla Festival. For educators, MozFest will be a learning lab, a gathering of tribes and a test run for what we want to build and learn together. At MozFest we are asking educators who are motivated by the concept  of  the “4th R,” web literacies, an open ethos and the Webmaker mission to help further conceptualize and design how we will Hacktivate Learning!

MozFest’s brief history has been fertile and productive. In the past two years, programs, projects and movements like Webmaker, X-Ray Goggles, Popcorn, Open Badges and the Hive Learning Network have all been designed, hacked on, developed, discussed and launched. The spirit of the festival is gritty and inventive, and there is a roll up your sleeve-ness that is contagious. It is our goal to map this same vibe, to provide a space and theme that supports and produces innovative ways for educators to use the web to reach their varied learning goals.

The Challenge: Create 15 new resources for teaching digital skills
Together, can we create 15 new resources to share with a growing Webmaker educator network?

The Plan: Gather at MozFest. Then take on the world

Starting with the Hacktivating Educators in 2013 and Beyond   session at MozFest, we invite motivated educators to collaboratively set the agenda for the Hacktivate Learning theme. Participants will have an opportunity to quickly present (three minutes or less) their projects, prototypes and half-baked ideas to the group. Then, we’ll set an agenda to make sure everyone can find answers to their questions, collaborators to build projects or prototypes with, and generally set the stage for catalyzing the Hacktivator community.

After we’ve set some goals proposed some sessions for the agenda, we’ll roll into the Educator as Hacktivator Design Jam. We’ll develop new approaches to teaching and learning on the web and envision prototypes, frameworks and projects to fuel interest-based learning. Through ideation and collaboration, we’ll create paper prototypes and designs for things we want to build and/or prototype over the weekend.

Then lunch!

On Saturday afternoon, there will be a variety of sessions across overall festival themes, and those that are relevant to Hacktivate Learning will be tagged as such. For those hacktivators who have had their breakthrough idea early in the day, space will be provided to continue working, playing and building. Staff and volunteers will be available to guide participants to interesting sessions both within the Hacktivate Learning theme as well as throughout the festival.

On Sunday morning we will pull inspiration from ideas and designs that came out of the Saturday design session and begin the Educator as Hacktivator Prototyping Jam. Designers, educators and  developers will come together to hack on prototypes and build out learning pathways, frameworks, projects and tools. People with ideas and designs will unite their designs, copy, metadata and code into fully functional  prototypes that help learners gain valuable web literacy skills and help educators teach them.

Photo Credit: Angela Jimenez

Then comes lunch again. Lunch is good.

Sunday afternoon, we will create and playtest new, real-world activities for educators to use in face-to-face learning situations. Participants in the Design and Build a Hacktivity session will have the  opportunity to build new learning activities or hack existing ones. We’ll also collectively add our new resources, prototypes, tools and hacktivities to this wiki.

The Result: share what we made. Then invite others to hack and build with them.

Sunday evening we will cull together what we have built and get excited to share it out with the MozFest community at the closing session. Then we party! Partying is good.

And then? Our resource wiki will be available for the whole world to access and begin spreading web literacies within their communities, and we’ll continue to share our learnings and solicit more hacktivators to join our network. For now, we hope to see you in London as we embark on this journey, and stay tuned for more to come.

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