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Rockin out at DML

This week has been a whirlwind of activity. Monday we launched the P2PU and Youpd.org challenges, which you should check out. Then it was a jump into DML. The Digital Media and Learning conference was an opportunity for a large segment of the Mozilla Foundation staff to come together. We started the week doing a sprint for the Event Kit… Read more →

More System Thinking (at a Micro-Level)

We’re still working on the Mozilla/P2PU Challenges for running an event. We’ve been through a number of iterations and are, at the moment, settling on a 1-2-3 format in which participants can access planning materials and sample content for any of the three types of events Mozilla champions. Michelle Thorne has created an Event Menu Lite that explains the event… Read more →

Every laboratory needs a mad scientist

First, a contextual clarification: Facilitation is herein used in the context of learning. For me, facilitation is teaching, but there’s a difference in connontation for most people. For most people, “teaching” is a kind of directive transfer method while facilitation is more learner focused. There’s a nice raging debate on the topic, actually. “Teachers” who self identify as such might… Read more →

My Year in Review

Seems like I should follow suit and do a “Year in Review” post. I do so like to comply. I was moving around quite a bit this year. This post took me forever to put together. January: Ran the first New York City version of the Producer’s Institute for New Media Technologies, started working with the Open Attribute Team, submitted… Read more →

Hackjam Parking Lot

This past week, we ran a Hackasaurus/P2PU hackjam to implement functional changes to the P2PU platform and create challenges curriculum for Hackasaurus. It was a whirlwind three days. While we had specific goals, we also had a lot of ideas that aren’t in scope for this phase of the Challenges Project. Those ideas deserve some attention, so we put them… Read more →

Webcraft 101 Challenges

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn HTML and CSS. The Web is designed to be a participatory space, not a passive viewing one. I’m writing this post because I’m doing some research on the P2PU Webcraft Challenges. I’m looking through the structure and working through the challenges to take a look at how they work from a participants perspective. Read more →

Blogging Study Group

I recently joined the Blogging and Writing for the Web Study Group after I had a twitter conversation with the organizer Pippa Buchanan, School of Webcraft extraordinaire and engaging educator, webist and all round interesting person. The Blogging and Writing for the Web course is being collaboratively created by peers at P2PU.org. Honestly, I’ve been following the P2PU revolution since… Read more →