My Year in Review

Seems like I should follow suit and do a “Year in Review” post. I do so like to comply. I was moving around quite a bit this year. This post took me forever to put together.

January: Ran the first New York City version of the Producer’s Institute for New Media Technologies, started working with the Open Attribute Team, submitted work for a few Master classes, decided to stop focusing on Big Fun Arts, considered volunteering in Equador just to disappear for a bit.

February: Continued trying to stop focusing on Big Fun Arts, went to Transmediale in Berlin and drank too much whiskey in the street (led to the very worst hangover I’ve ever had in my life), started, continued with Open Attribute and Masters work while in Malaysia, traveled to Adelaide to serve at the Hive Labs at the BigPond Adelaide Film Festival (met the very awesome Penny Woolcock, who has earned my unwavering respect).

March: Did a bunch of free webby stuff for friends, gave lots of free advice, did some client work for random clients, did some OA testing, translated an article called “Vertical Model Integration in Frameworks: Evaluation of Integration Approaches and Analysis of a Implementation Possibilities using a Case Study” (nearly cried), went to Global Melt in Berlin (remembered why I shouldn’t ever play “I Never…”), wrote about the Evolution of Cinema and Designing in Code, talked about printing organs.

April: Networked with some people, donated to Mozilla, did some client work for random clients, worked on grant applications for Alien/Citizen, wrote about evaluating E-Learning, tried to work on my book (had a hard time writing at home), attended seminars in Rostock for my Masters (was annoyed and vowed never to attend the University’s seminars again), started a study group on with Pippa Buchanan, did more OA stuff.

May: Did some translations, worked on Masters, started playing around with Podio, did webby stuff in trade for art (again), did editing for free (WTF is wrong with me?), found out that another of my brilliant ideas has already been done (vowed to do it anyway because the implementation of said idea was total crap), started MozPub Dresden with @whimboo, geared up for PISF 2011, went to Austin, TX and wrote in the Spiderhouse Cafe, visited Colorado (laughed a lot).

June: Ran the Producer’s Institute for New Media Technologies in San Francisco (gave a presentation on the history of PI to a bunch of foundations and interested parties – people laughed, it was awesome), donated my entire airfare to BAVC (felt good about it), got really sick, was selected to participate in the Knight-Mozilla Learning Lab.

July: continued being sick (subpar for weeks), participated in the Knight-Mozilla Learning Lab (learned a lot of stuff), installed P2PU development environment, started the citizen initiative Waldpark Trachau, did work for my Masters, tried to be supportive to Alien/Citizen director Marlo McKenzie, donated to Digital Democracy, decided to quit Facebook, visited Paris (and the Mozilla office there).

August: Gave an interview about progress for the sake of progress (for Waldpark Trachau), solidified another random idea (that will likely never be built) called Mooder, did Masters work, did more translations, opened and closed a Dopplr account on the same day (I suspect it was the lack of “e” that caused me to do that), had surgery (led to the inspiration for and first chapter of my second book – as of yet untitled), got Twitter hacked (changed a bunch of passwords), made a book for my mom’s 60th.

September: Planned an interactive sound installation and donated some time to Ludesik, chased down people who owed me money, did the interactive sound installation at an exhibition opening (it was cool), donated to, more Waldpark Trachau stuff, took two written exams, booked Peru (leaving in two days), quasi party crashed the Mojo event in Berlin (was quasi invited), did champion birthday celebration (39 hours), broke up with Facebook.

October: Went on sabbatical and finished writing my first book, realized writing a book isn’t the hard part (hard part is rewriting it), did Masters work, volunteered on pet projects, did some random client work.

November: Went to Mozfest (met awesome people), went to P2PU meetup in Berlin, found out I passed my exams (despite having to write them in German), accidently killed a friendship, accepted various defeats, started working on the Hackasaurus P2PU Challenges Experiment.

December: Worked on Challenges, planned/ran a Challenges Hackjam in Toronto, traveled to the mountains, heading to Peru in two days.

That was most of my year. I’m only leaving out about a million things, but I’ve had enough of this post, and I suspect that most of you didn’t need that kind of detail on MY year. I mean, really, who gives a shit?

Hope anyone reading this has a Happy New Year. Cheers!


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