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East Coast Tour Reflections

I’ve been calling the last couple weeks my East Coast Tour. I only played air guitar once though, and there was, regrettably, no karaoke during my excursions. I’ve been traveling though. Traveling, running events, coworking with colleagues, and conferencing. This post is a breakdown of what my intentions were with all the stuff I’ve been doing, how things went, and… Read more →

Remixing with a Purpose

Yesterday Jonathan McIntosh over at Rebellious Pixels presented Storycampers (and anyone else able to watch Air Mozilla – I had some problems) with some of his work and his thoughts on remixing. Not only did Mr McIntosh agree to be our third week guest speaker, he’s facilitating Storycamp at BAVC and blogging up a storm. For everyone! The presentation is… Read more →

OK Go…Be a Webmaker!

On Thursday Mozilla Popcorn ran it’s first Storycamp Livecast with Damain Kulash from the wildly successful band OK Go! For an entire hour Damian talked about his band’s web videos, their success, inspiration, where ideas take hold. Damian talked about the web as a canvas and overcoming adversity, sticking to your guns and how failure is part of the process.… Read more →

#Storycamp Starts its Countdown

Storycamp is shaping up to be one awesome program for everyone involved, and that includes the general public. Although Storycamp is debuting with it’s first Livecast on June 21st (with Damian Kulash from OK Go), we’ve created materials that anyone can use. We’ve been working on a site to house this content, and we’ve created downloadables and projects to help… Read more →