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I just did a search for “Webism” because I was wondering if the term had already been coined. Sure enough, it has, but what I found through my obsessive link clicking is that it is definitely time for a redefinition of Webism. The thing is, the websites using the term obviously started dying years ago, and although I added to their visitor count, I doubt anyone is actually using their “Webism is a global art movement” definition currently.

I mean, in my opinion, “Webism” is sort of a global art movement, but moreover it’s an ideology which proclaims that the industrial age is over and the Web is integral to our new world. I’m not saying that we should all hole up in our basements and interact only through computers. I’m saying that I, as a “Webist” am someone who uses all of what the web has to offer to create real change in all aspects of our real world. A Webist has the ability to manipulate, manufacture, create and refine pieces and parts existing or not existing on the Web.

And I’m not wrong. Egypt started a revolution and kicked a dictator out of power. Libyans are attempting the same. The Web has brought down murders, rapists, thieves. It’s changing peoples ideas on tolerance. It’s saving lives. Oh yes, the web is as powerful as the people who use it, and let’s face it, the webists are the most powerful of the web users.

It’s not that everyone who uses the web is a webist. Webists understand the ins and outs of the Web enough that they can change it and mold it. They understand that reading and writing are different things, and they’re using open technologies as their base (and closed technologies to serve as megaphones).

I am a webist – I use existing technologies to spread messages, when the code doesn’t exist, I write it or help write it, I help other people do the same thing, I am open, I advocate for open and I collaborate with all my webist brethren to try and make our world something to be proud of.

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