2 Educational Concept 2.1 Introduction

This educational concept proposes interactive, social, gamified, E-Learning modules for self guided study in combination with real world, collaborative workshops. Embedded assessments are used to show achievements, and the concept uses a succinct and modern definition of web literacies (See Chapter 1.6.1). Synchronous workshops and interactive, asynchronous self-study with social gaming aspects are conceptualized. Both aspects of learning play a vital role in the success of the program. Open technologies (esp. HTML/CSS/JS and Open Source Web apps) are suggested to create a multimedia experience.

Marotzki and Jörissen (2005) describe splitting identities that require varying concepts for varying identities (e.g. for online identities and real world identities). This educational concept defines a blended-learning framework that uses constructivist ideas to inspire learning and is flexible enough to address the need for varying concepts.

The curricular modules are based around the idea that media can serve as cognitive tools allowing for the construction of knowledge. Other theoretical approaches such as situational and social constructivism also play a part, particularly in the „real world“ workshops. Methods like Drill and Practice, Anchored Instruction and Simulation as well as varying types of game mechanics are used in the activities to inspire learning.

A one to one relationship between didactic principles and educational concepts is not always realistic. The methods used to transfer learning objectives are not easily categorized into one or another theoretical approach to education. Theoretical approaches serve only as a jumping off point because in practical situations, a learner as well as the educator must adapt to the external influences and perspectives of the classroom and other learners thoughts and ideas. This concept takes into account a variety of educational theories, but bases itself primarily on reform pedagogical ideas as the basic concept throughout is that one will “learn through making”.

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