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Producing Teach Like Mozilla in the Open (with YOU!)

After fruitful conversations around open fluency and making a commitment (next call April 30th) to think about what that means, while in parallel producing leadership and development content for Teach Like Mozilla, we’ve made some decisions about what is most useful to the overall Mozilla Learning strategy right now. I’m happy to know that once “right now” is over, there’s… Read more →

Love the Lurkers

A couple days ago I had a BIG conversation with Bill Mills, the Community Manager for Mozilla Science Lab, about open learning, designing for participation, online engagement, collaboration, inspiration and a bunch of other metaphysical ideas that I often create practical implementations for. During our conversation, Bill asked if I had any advice for designing learning experiences that can engage… Read more →

This just in: MOOCs are all the rage right now

As if you hadn’t seen the influx of moocyness over the last year. We’re now about halfway through the #ETMOOC experience, having launched Topic 3: Digital Literacy just yesterday. In the planning for this and the Digital Storytelling topic, I’ve been trying to get the “M” in MOOC to mean more than “Massive”. I want it to mean MAKE because,… Read more →